Our rates are based on the private chauffeured vehicle you choose, NOT per person. To make things easier, we've gone ahead and listed an example of what it'll cost per person (all inclusive of fuel surcharge, tax, and gratuity), if you fill the vehicle to its max capacity. Also, we allow for the subtraction of the variable elements of the cost such as tasting fees for underage or non drinkers, and appetizer or lunch cost for people with dietary restrictions. The per person price is NOT an additional cost on top of the total vehicle rental rate. We've simply added this quick calculation as a helpful way to understanding how affordable our tour rates are compared to other tour companies that offer per person pricing.
Absolutely! We strongly believe that the conversational seating of the limousines and limo buses, as well of the class of our sedans, SUV’s and Executive style vans and mini coaches are improving the tour satisfaction by stimulating interaction among guests in a comfortable and functional environment. We do not mix groups on our private tours; the driver/vehicle are at your service only.
The tour pricing is inclusive of tasting fees and food items as listed, upscale private chauffeured vehicles stocked with bottled water, cleaned and sanitized. Where can we start and end our tour? How many pick-up/ drop off locations are included. Unlike the public tours, we'd be happy to pick you up at your home, business, hotel, or anywhere else in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley from West Vancouver to the Sumas Exit Abbotsford and the 240th Street in Maple Ridge; the number of locations is entirely your choice within the timeframe reserved for the tour. Minor travel time adjustments based on 15 min increments would apply for pick-ups/ drop-offs outside this area.
The wineries suggest and minimum 40 minutes for tasting, 60 min when a tour is included, and an extra 30-45 minutes to enjoy an appetizer and a glass on their indoor or outdoor inviting premisses. However, smaller groups might take slightly less time for the tastings. You decide when you want to leave each location. Our tours are best enjoyed at a relaxed pace.
All tours are available year-round. Summer/ Winter hours and Monday to Wednesday closures are in effect at some wineries but most tasting rooms are open between 11 and 5 or 6PM. Some holidays such as Christmas Day may not be available.
The consumption of alcohol in (ANY) motor vehicle, is strictly against the law in BC, regardless of age. *Section 44(1) Liquor Control Act of BC*. Your driver would be delighted to store your purchases in the vehicles locked luggage compartment until the end of your trip.
All wineries/vineyards have informed us that groups with passengers that are showing signs of heavy intoxication, whom are belligerent, or abusive towards their staff or other patron, or in any way disrupt general operations, will NOT be permitted on their respective property. Please kindly ensure that all passengers in your group know their limits. We do everything on our end to ensure your day goes smoothly, and hope everyone in your group is able to adhere to the wineries/vineyards requirements. The Chaberton winery respectfully excludes bachelorette parties from their tasting rooms with or without an organized tour.